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Autumn Landscaping Tips - Central NC

As Autumn kicks in, it's time to plan out fall yard treatments.

Aerating: Soil compaction increases water runoff issues and prevents the proper "breathing" of your soil. Aerating helps alleviate this condition. Aerating should always be done before grass goes dormant to let it recover from root injuries.

Seeding: Overseeding is important to existing areas to keep grass tight and prevent "weed spread." In bare areas- especially more than 4" in diameter, the soil should be loosened and seed will need to be watered regularly until after the seed takes root and sprouts.

Fertilizing: Many make the mistake of over-fertilizing or using the wrong type. There are certain types and ratios of fertilizer that work best. Some yards require different treatments. We've worked Triad yards for over 28 years - and can suggest the best treatments.



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